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Google Mail - Organize and Manage Your Inbox
  Print Print this event   Add to calendarhttp://03-07-2013 09:00:0003-07-2013 11:00:0015Google Mail - Organize and Manage Your InboxGoogle Mail - Organize and Manage Your InboxCabell Library - 320VCU helpIT CenterhelpIT@vcu.eduDD/MM/YYYY
Date and Time   Wednesday, July 3, 2013
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Location   Cabell Library - 320,   Monroe Park Campus
Sponsor(s)   Technology Services:User Services
Speaker   Sarah Aboulhosn, Technology Services
Audience   VCU Faculty, VCU Staff, VCU Students

This course will help you manage your Gmail Inbox more efficiently by instructing how to organize, search, and filter your email. Discover the use of labels as Gmail`s more functional alternative to folders. Learn how to create and manage labels to organize your Inbox more efficiently. Familiarize yourself with Gmail`s advanced search and email filters to manage incoming messages with greater ease.

Learning Objectives:
  • Create, search and manage labels
  • Show, hide, edit & remove labels from email
  • Apply multiple labels to email
  • Use the Advanced Search to find email
  • Create and manage filters for incoming email
  • Use a filter to direct email to SPAM
  • Remove emails from SPAM
  • Apply labels and stars to sent email
  • Understand the use of Archive and All Mail

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  VCU helpIT Center
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  VCU helpIT Center
(804) 828-2227

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