On behalf of Ram The Vote and VCU Police we are happy to announce that we will be providing transportation for VCU students on Election Day, November 6th to and from their respective polling stations! There will be a large Escort Service van that will travel in a continuous loop every 30 minutes from 9am to 5pm, starting from the Connector stop at Cabell Library. The schedule is as follows: First stop-1110 Leigh Street (George Washington Carver School) Second stop-1025 West Grace Street (Dominion Place) Third stop-101 East Franklin Street (Main Library) Return to Cabell If you are registered at the following residence hall addresses, here is where your polling station will be: Ackell, Broad & Belvidere: 1110 Leigh Street (George Washington Carver School) Brandt & Rhoads, Johnson, Cary and Belvidere, GRC, Honors College, West Grace South: 1025 West Grace Street (Dominion Place) Cabaniss, Low Rises- 101 East Franklin Street (Main Library)
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