Valentine?s Day is right around the corner! But the question is; are you prepared for it!? What?s that!? You say you?re not prepared!? You say you don?t have a date yet!? :O No worries! LSA is here to the rescue! We are giving you the opportunity to buy yourself a Valentine! We?ll provide you with many different options so that you have a wide variety to pick from! It doesn?t end there though, in addition to helping you find a Valentine, we?ll also be providing you with a romantic dinner the following week! So you and your Valentine can have some quality time together ;D Here?s the best part of this entire auction, 100% of the proceeds will go towards a local charity. Can you believe it? Not only are you going to find yourself the best Valentine you?ve ever had, but in the process you?re also going to be donating to charity! It can?t get any better than this!
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