If you are interested in studying, researching, or teaching English abroad in 2014-2015 or beyond, you should plan to attend a Fulbright information session on Tuesday, April 30, at 12:30pm in room 401 at Scherer Hall (923 W. Franklin St.). Mr. Jeff Wing, Director of the National Scholarship Office, will give an overview of the Fulbright Student Scholarship program and answer questions about possible applications. For more information, please visit http://us.fulbrightonline.org/home.html or email HonorsNSO@vcu.edu. Students from ALL disciplines?graduate students and undergraduates?interested in the Fulbright Student Scholarship are welcome to attend. For those who are not able to attend this session, several other Fulbright information sessions will be offered on both campuses later this spring.
Honors College
Mr. Jeff Wing, Director of the National Scholarship Office
All ( Open to the public )