Health and wellness is critical to both individual growth and the overall success of a community. Hosted by the VCU Institute for Women's Health in partnership with the Highland Support Project, Partners in Service Program and the Association of Highland Women (AMA) this service/exchange program will work to provide training, information and an exchange with Maya midwives, health promoters and nursing students in the Highlands of Guatemala. Trip Details: The standard 8 day trip with all expenses paid includes all in country transportation, food, lodging and translators. The cost is $985.00 plus airfare (around $600 round trip) For more information or application visit: Application deadline: May 17, 2013 The itinerary includes cultural, educational, service and exchange aspects and will be tailored to the interests of the team participants. But do expect time with midwives, health promoters and this year nursing students in Guatemala. We will share learning about traditional midwifery practices, and medicinal herbs, lectures from a Maya Cosmo-vision expert, bone-setters, and spirit guides and a chance to shop at local indigenous markets and visit La Antigua Guatemala which was the colonial Spanish capital of Central America. It is a World Heritage site, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guatemala.
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