Enjoy a celebration of the many sides of the Celtic experience. Maggie Sansone, Andrea Hoag, and Sharon Knowles bring their combined talents, energy and fun to a range of Celtic music from ancient times to the present.

Maggie's music and band mates have been active in the exciting Celtic renaissance that combines many styles and influences like an intricate tapestry of sound. They combine the energy and spirit of traditional music with the harmonies and depth of classical interpretation and their own dynamic blend often called "chamber folk."

Maggie Sansone, Andrea Hoag, and Sharon Knowles create a diverse blend of colors and sounds, just like a tapestry, where each thread contributes to the beauty of the whole. Its Celtic and Celtic-inspired using a variety of instruments and influences from world music to American folk. Their music has something for everyone.

General Admission: $15
All ( Open to the public )