"Managed chaos" is one of the keys to success for the VCU men's basketball program. Creating and managing chaos uncovers new opportunities that lead to a competitive advantage. It also requires different leadership skills to succeed in this environment. Success in our digital, disruption-oriented economy requires leaders who can embrace and harness chaos to produce and sustain a marketplace edge. Leaders need to embrace this or get left behind. VCU?s Center for Corporate Education is introducing a Leading Through Chaos Leadership Program to equip high-potential managers with the skills to effectively lead teams and organizations in an era of uncertainty. Leading Through Chaos weaves five critical competencies through 12 half-day sessions to empower your leaders. Through interactive case studies and active learning, participants will engage in thought-provoking, results-driven discussion. All classes will take place at the Center for Corporate Education, 301 West Main Street, Third Floor, B3189. Sessions include all materials, parking, and a boxed lunch.

Business: Center for Corporate Education
Derrick Strand
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