All members of the VCU community including fellows, housestaff & Inova and VAMC faculty are invited. Lunch provided with RSVP by Monday, March 20, 2017, at or, 828-6591. **Note: If you need to cancel, please notify us by noon, March 21, 2017.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:
* Identify essential design elements for creating slides for meeting, conference, and grand rounds presentations.
* Identify online resources that contain high-quality images and graphics for presentations.
* Recognize best practices for designing academic posters that visually summarize, communicate, and engage.
* Utilize PowerPoint as a design tool for preparing and printing academic posters.
* Locate and modify VCU and VCU Health brand templates for presentation and poster design.

Directions to workshop location: Visit the MCV Campus map available at

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Medicine:Faculty Affairs
Kenneth Warren Foster, Ed.D., Instructional Technologist for Medical Education

La'tisha Roberson, Training Specialist for Medical Education

School of Medicine
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