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Tuesday, January 31 2012
Time Event Title Category Location
9:00am Exploring Communication Tools Inside Blackboard and on the Web Faculty & Professional Development Cabell Library
11:00am Study Abroad Information Table International Focus University College
11:00am RAMnation: Memorable Moments Student Life University Student Commons
1:00pm SAS Overview Staff Life - Training & Development Sanger Hall
1:00pm PubMed Library Tompkins-McCaw Library
4:00pm Pharmacology & Toxicology Departmental Seminar Research Sanger Hall
4:00pm Writing Center Workshops-English Language Resources: American University Expectations Academic Hibbs Building
7:00pm Kayaking in the Pool Recreational Sports Recreation/Aquatic Center
Time Event Title Category Location
8:00am A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters, American Songs, 1910-1965 (Exhibit) Library Cabell Library
8:00am Homecoming VCU 2012 Student Life @HomecomingVCU
10:00am you, your sun and shadow: Winter 2012 Exhibition Arts & Popular Culture Anderson Gallery
4:00pm Manchester Wall Climbs Recreational Sports Manchester Wall
7:00pm Belay Clinics Recreational Sports Cary Street Gym
7:00pm Kayaking in the Pool Recreational Sports Recreation/Aquatic Center
7:00pm Climbing Skills Clinic Recreational Sports Cary Street Gym

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