About the Events Calendar

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) sponsors thousands of events each year and previously did not have an unified source of information about university events.The purpose of the VCU Events Calendar is to serve as a method for publicizing University-sponsored events that have been approved and scheduled.Currently, the Events Calendar is NOT designed to serve as a mechanism for scheduling facilities. Therefore, you must go through normal channels to schedule facility.

What's New

Improved Description Editor - June 13, 2017
You can utilize a WYSIWYG editor for create the description of your event. The editor includes the basic editorfeatures of bold, italic, lists, links and paragraphs.


No. This version of the VCU Events Calendar is NOT designed for scheduling facilities. In the future, this may be possible. Until then, you must go through your normal channels to schedule a facility.
It takes two business days for a previously scheduled event to appear in the VCU Events Calendar.
The calendar is designed for non-course-related events that are sponsored by a University department or registered student organization.
Your event request goes into the VCU Events Calendar as a pending request. Email is sent to an Event Reviewer who either accepts or rejects your request. You will receive Email when your event has been either approved or rejected.
Your event request would be rejected if (1) the facility was not properly scheduled, or (2) your request was not a University-sponsored event, or (3) someone else has already submitted a similar request. The reason the event was rejected appears in the Email sent to you.
When events are submitted, the author has the option of entering URL's (WWW addresses). Therefore, some events will contain links to other web pages while others will not. It should be noted that the links to the campus maps are done automatically by the calendar.
To modify an event, you click the "Submit an Event" and login to the calendar by entering your ID and password. A list of all your current events displays. You can then click on the title of any event to make any necessary modifications. If you change the time or location of an event, an Email is sent to the appropriate reviewer who must review the modifications and either approve or reject. If your modifications that do not include either time or location, the event information is automatically updated.

Note: If you have no current or archived events, then you will automatically be transferred to the "Enter a New Event" screen.

Approved events are automatically archived the day after the event has ended. These archived events will be viewable for one year. This allows event submitters to create a new event based on previously submitted information. For example, if you hold an annual open house all you may need to do is change time and location. Hopefully, this will require less time to do data entry.
To locate a beginning or ending date of a semester or find out the date of spring break, please visit the VCU Academic Calendar web site located at URL: http://academiccalendars.vcu.edu/.