What:  Establish research ideas and collaborations.  2021 theme: Inflammation and Injury in Critical Illnesses

When:  Second Monday of every month at 4-5pm.  Where:  ORBIT conference room (Sanger Hall, room 9-037) OR Join Zoom Meeting: https://vcuhealth.zoom.us/j/94877964638

Format:  5 to 10 minute topic introduction by the host, followed by 45 minutes of collaborative discussions.  

Convener:  kirsty.dixon@vcuhealth.org


Oct 11, 2021

Martin Mangino, Ph.D.,

Professor of Surgery,
Co-Chair for Basic Research, VCU Department of Surgery

Official welcome to ORBITs Research Networking Meetings.  Overview of Surgery’s new research “Surgical Innovation Suite” in Sanger Hall, and discussion on Molecule to Bedside Innovations: A Home-Grown Example.


Medicine: Surgery
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Amanda Jabri (804) 828-8290
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