The primary focus of this course is to introduce and train users on basic hand/power tools and bench mounted power equipment.

This module is restricted to VCU students enrolled in a degree program. VCU College of Engineering or VCU da Vinci Center of Innovation students may qualify for a discount. Students must complete the Online Makerspace Orientation and General Safety Training module before enrolling. at: engineering/documents/mne/VCUCoEGRMakerspaceOrientationandGeneralSafetyTrainingModuleAccessInstructions.pdf

Module I provides intermediate training that builds upon the VCU CoEGR Makerspace Orientation and General Safety Training. This module is associated with measuring techniques, layout tools, and the safe use of hand tools, portable power tools, and benchtop mounted power tools. Students learn drilling, sanding, sawing, and other basic makerspace safety practices. An exam and project will be assigned upon training completion, and is part of the makerspace practicum activities. Students must achieve a score of 100% and pass a hands-on practice evaluation to obtain Module I makerspace certification. Upon successful completion of Module I certification, students may pursue Module II certification in the same semester, if time permits.


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