The VCU Practical Frontiers in Primary Conference will take place on January 12, 2019, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm at Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center in Glen Allen, VA (near Richmond, VA). This conference is attended by healthcare providers from across Virginia where they can earn up to 8 hours of CME credit. The conference receives outstanding feedback because of our high-quality, practical presentations in a wide-array of topics. We feel your providers could greatly benefit from this conference.

The topics that will be covered this year include:

  • Primary Care of the Patient with HIV
  • Update in Cardiac Risk Factor Management 
  • Clincal Considerations in the Management of Obesity
  • Update on Urinary Incontinence: The End of Depends
  • Evaluation and Management of Thyroid Nodules
  • Sleep Medicine Pearls for Primary Care
  • Gluten Sensitivity, Microbiome, and Other Rumblings About the Gut
  • Common Foot Pathology for the PCP
  • Scratching That Itch: Approach to the Pruritic Patient
  • Genetic Testing and Primary Care
  • Recent Journal Articles to Changed Your Practice
  • Medical Marijuana: Evidence and Regulatory Issues
Medicine:Internal Medicine
Medicine: Continuing Professional Development & Evaluation Studies
Dr. Alan Dow, Dr. Michelle Doll, Dr. Jeremy Turlington, Dr. Stephanie Mayer, Dr. Lauren Siff, Dr. Cynthia Yazbeck, Dr. Samuel Taylor, Dr. Silvia Degli Esposti, Dr. Tejas Patel, Dr. Kimberly Salkey, Virginia Pallante, Dr. Georgia Thomas
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